Duct trunk

A duct trunk is used for managing ducts. The duct trunk itself has no geometry. Any ducts can be assigned to a duct trunk.
In NET Engineering, users have the option of defining duct trunks themselves. The form is opened by double-clicking in the duct trunk field in the Duct form or in Industry-Model Explorer > Duct > Duct trunk.


Various information about the duct trunk can be managed. If you want to change an existing record, start editing the current data by clicking on the mceclip3.png button. Clicking on the mceclip4.png button adds a new record for the duct trunk.


Name A name can be assigned for the duct trunk. (1)
Information Entry of information regarding the duct trunk. (2)
Number of ducts The number of ducts assigned to the duct trunk is displayed. (3)
Ducts Clicking on mceclip2.png lists all ducts associated with the current duct trunk. The mceclip3.png button shows all ducts assigned to a duct trunk in the filter. (4)
mceclip1.png All ducts associated with the selected duct trunk are highlighted in the graphic. (5)
mceclip2.png The highlighting is canceled. (6)