About NET Design

NET Design is a fully integrated software solution for the highly automated high-level/draft planning of FTTx networks based on mathematical optimization. The integration of a so-called “Optimizer” facilitates the planning of a cost-optimized FTTx network with time savings of up to 90%.

NET Design supports you in the planning of FTTH, FTTB and FTTC networks. 


NET Design calculates the cost-optimized position of the locations of the local exchanges (POP) and Fiber distributors on the basis of the planning rules and carries out an automatic network segmentation and trench planning for feeder-cable network segments and drop segments, as well as empty-duct planning taking into consideration of existing empty-duct inventories.

Extensive import functions for the planning-input data, workflows for their manual completion and validation as well as for processing the planning results support the planner in the process. In the planning rules, the core of the optimization, defines the layer-resolution network and material concept as well as prices.

The bill of material automatically created after planning also allows you to make a quick cost comparison between different planning alternatives.

Our NET Design product supports the following Optimizations: 

  • comsof fiber designer or
  • atesio 

You can find out how the two Optimizers differ and how to work with them in the following articles. 

The combination of NET Design with NET Cloud for data acquisition and data qualification in the field makes it possible to digitally capture information on, for example, addresses, locations and route surfaces in the course of the field survey (in the NET Field Survey data model) and play it back into the NET Design project. To map the NET Design data into NET Cloud, the design data is transferred into the NET Field Survey data model.

A project on the NET Field Survey data model can be used directly with AutoCAD Map3D even without NET Cloud for data collection. 

The transfer of high-level planning from NET Design to detailed planning according to NET Engineering standards takes place automatically.