Splice planning in distribution closures and CO/PoPs

Distribution closure

The feeder cable that arrives in the distribution closure must be spliced with the cables that supply the buildings.

Closure form

Enter the corresponding FO Closure. You can assign names and assign attributes.


1. Incoming and outgoing cables are displayed. If cables have been created without geometry, they must be assigned as incoming/outgoing in the “Edit” menu.
2. All incoming and open fibers are displayed.
3. The trays created using the “Add trays” edit menu are displayed.

FO Closure can be assigned to a switching point or a structural system (manhole/cabinet/pole).

Connection editor

Start the connection editor in the form for the closure in the “Edit” menu.


1. On the left side, the incoming feeder cable is selected and the fibers that are to be spliced are marked.
2. On the right side, the outgoing drop cable is selected and the fibers that are to be spliced are marked.
The cables are selected via the drop-down list:


Filter functions can be used to filter specific fibers to the displayed columns for all cable sections.

3. The trays in which the splices are to be placed are marked. The number of trays with the respective splice locations must be sufficient for the splices to be created.

If you need to connect fibers with splitters, select the corresponding action “Splitter path to fiber” and the splitter in the drop-down list if there is more than one splitter.
Splice the fiber of the incoming cable (1) onto the splitter IN (2) and place splices in the corresponding tray (3):


Splice the fibers of the outgoing cables (1) onto the splitter OUT (2) and place splices in the corresponding tray (3):


Splice plan

The result can be displayed, for example, in a grouped splice plan. Open it in the following form: Closure/Terminator > Menu: Overviews/Reports > Grouped splice plan:


Central office (CO) / PoP

The feeder cables arriving in the central office must be connected to other cables or to active technology (plugs, technical ports, etc.). For this purpose, FO terminators must be entered and assigned to the switching point, which serves as a central office.

Digitize the corresponding FO Terminators and assign them to the Switching point.


Switching point form


1. Enter a name for the switching point.
2. The switching-point type assigned to the switching point is displayed or can be selected from the drop-down list.
3. Assign the FO Terminators from the graphic to the switching point.
4. The number of assigned points is displayed.
5. The connections of the assigned points are displayed.
Create trays, connectors and, if necessary, splitters in the terminators. The connections between fibers and connectors or splitters are produced with the connection editor.

Connection editor

Start the connection editor in the terminator form in the “Edit” menu.


Splice plan

The result is a detailed splice plan.