Creating duct end caps

With this workflow, it is possible to automatically place duct-end caps on all duct ends that are still open.

Duct-end caps are duct insertions that are only assigned to a duct, but not to any structure or building.

The workflow can be performed for all ducts in the project, for filtered ducts in the form or selected ducts in the map.


Start the workflow in Workflow Explorer > Duct workflows > Duct end caps by double-clicking it, from the context menu or by clicking the mceclip1.png button in the lower right area of the workflow explorer:


The following dialog opens:

Arbeitsablauf_Rohr_Rohrendkappen erzeugen_Rohrauswahl_engl.png

1. You will be asked to select the ducts.

a) The workflow can be carried out for all ducts in the project.
b) The ducts for which duct end caps are to be produced can be filtered beforehand according to the desired criteria.
c) The ducts for which duct end caps are to be produced can be selected in the graphic. The button has to be used for this.

2. As a result, the ducts or segements are listed with their FIDs.

Arbeitsablauf_Rohr_Rohrendkappen erzeugen_Karte_engl.png

The duct insertion model can be selected from the list of available types.

The creation of duct end caps is started by pressing the mceclip4.png button.

For all selected ducts, a duct insertion with the selected type or without it if none was selected, is produced at the free ends.