Basics of Export

NET Design offers automatic exports to various data formats. Users can decide for themselves which attributes should be exported.

Starting the Export

Start the export by clicking the corresponding button in the menu bar under “Export”.


The form opens with the default start setting.


There are various export options available. Depending on the choice of exporter (export format), the settings in the dialog change.

Supported Export Formats

The NET Design export supports the following formats.

BMVI Export Exporting in accordance with GIS Nebenbestimmungen
Export Comsof Fiber Designer Workspace Export of the CFD workspace in shape format. Only the input data is exported.
Export to CSV/Excel/GeoJSON/Kml/Shape Each feature class of the NET Design project can be output with the desired attributes in the corresponding format.
Export to NET Field Survey Base data model The data of the NET Design project is exported to a project with the field survey data model.


The export settings can be saved and loaded for the next export.