Trench Class

The “Trench Class” is an attribute that is automatically assigned to the corresponding records of the “Possible Trench” during preprocessing.

The attribute values of the trench class are specified by the system and cannot be modified by users.

The trench class defines

  • The assignment of costs from the rules to a street crossing and street trench for the same trench class
  • The correct use of the duct and cable types defined in the rules per layer 

Opening the form

The following options are available for opening the form:

  • In the Industry Model Explorer by right-clicking on Object class > Show form
  • By double-clicking in the “Trench Class” field in the form for the “Possible Trench” 


Form details 

The “Trench Class” is given the following attributes by default:

Attribute / Form entry / Button Meaning
Short Value Short value of the name
Value Name of the trench class
Date of Creation Date of creation
Designer Designer
Commentary  Comment
Active Active: YES/NO
Priority Priority


Trench class values in detail



Street Trench

Possible trenches along the street center lines

Street Crossing

Possible crossings between the street trenches

In Building

Trench in the building


Trench between existing and new infrastructure


Drop trench to a demand point


Aerial trench

Aerial drop

Aerial drop trench

Structure Lead-in

Trench to existing structures and layer points

Continuous segment



Trench to façade

Façades Drop

Drop trench to façade