Draw Rollout Phases Area

To define different Rollout phases in the project, use the Rollout Phases Area object class.   

You can digitize an area (cluster) using the workflow described below. Depending on the construction process, several rollout phase areas can be defined. If you digitize a Rollout Phase Area for only a part of the project, the elements outside it will automatically get the value of the next phase.

More information can be found in the Comsof manual.

The result data gets the corresponding rollout phase attribute of the rollout phase area.

Start the workflow via the corresponding entry in the Workflow Explorer under "Create Objects" via a double click, a right mouse button click and Execute or via the "Execute" button at the bottom right of the Workflow Explorer.


In the Workflow Explorer area, the dialog for filling the attributes opens.


Define the rollout phase for this area. All result data within this area will get the phase of the area. If there are elements in the project that are not in a rollout phase area, they automatically get the "next" phase. In this example it is the 2nd phase.  

Use the "OK" button to start the digitizing process.

The "Cancel" button closes the workflow.