Settings for the Export - Duct Coloring

Both multi-ducts and single ducts can be assigned a duct-sleeve color when exporting to NET Engineering. This is done by assigning a duct color scheme or a fixed duct color.


  • a corresponding duct color scheme must be defined in the NET Engineering template file
  • in the duct coloring tab of the conversion scheme, the duct color scheme or the fixed duct color must be assigned to the corresponding ducts and layer

Start setting


Selection of the duct color scheme for the duct assemblies in the distribution layer


When coloring the individual ducts, the following options are available

  1. Color of the fitted microduct in the assembly or no color
  2. Color of the fitted microduct in the assembly or fixed color
  3. Fixed color.


For selection 2 and 3, the fixed color is selected in the further step.