atesio -warnings, interpretation and solution approach

No route type found for "House entry" in the component settings


Interpretation Solution approach
The route type "house entry" is not created in the regulations..

Create a "House entry" route type in the rule set in the Components -> Road and route types tab.



One parameter was not specified and remains at the default value.


Interpretation Solution approach
A parameter in the set of rules was not filled. It is set to the default value. Specify the value in the set of rules.


Visualization of the location of a site coded via FDP-code.

atesio currently does not give the coordinates of e.g. network nodes for which warnings exist as a pair of coordinates with a right or high value. Instead, the warning contains an FDP-code that must be converted. Proceed as follows:

  1. Select in AutoCAD -> menu "Start" -> ribbon bar (right) the function "Zoom center".
  2. In the AutoCAD command line (below) "Specify ZOOM center point:" is displayed.
  3. Now enter in the AutoCAD command line the sequence of digits from the "FDP-code". (e.g. 493399-675-5409154-553).
  4. Replace now the first and the last hyphen by a dot and the middle hyphen by a comma (e.g. 493399.675,5409154.553)
  5. Confirm the input with Enter
  6. The AutoCAD command line (below) now displays "Enter ZOOM magnification or height: ...".
  7. Now enter "100" as the value and confirm the entry with Enter.
  8. Now the project is zoomed to the respective point.