Cable Type

In the "Cable Type" object class, you define cable types that can be used, for example, in the connection point as a forced cable type.

The "Cable Type" form can be found in the tray explorer under Data model > Planning > Cable > Cable Type.  

Open form

There are the following ways to open the form:

  • In the Industry Model Explorer by right-clicking on the object class > Show form
  • via a double click on the selection field in the respective object class that uses this attribute


Form details 

By default, the following attributes are maintained for the cable-type:

Attribute/Form entry/Button


Name  Give the cable type a name. In addition, the cable type must also be defined in the rule set.
Amount of Fibers Enter the number of fibers of the cable type.
 Cables If cables use this type, this jump button will take you to the cable records.