Duct Layout

The duct layout attribute is used on existing ducts to force the cable to be pulled into a (new) duct or duct bundle in a given existing duct, regardless of the global settings in the rules.

This is a mandatory attribute. The standard value is "Default" and is set automatically when the duct is created.

The attribute "Duct Layout" is only supported by Comsof Fiber Designer.


The following values are allowed

  • Default -> The settings from the rulebook will be applied to the (default) duct
  • Force inner ducts -> Regardless of the settings in the rule set, inner pipes are always created (Comsof Fiber Designer only)
  • Force direct cables -> cables are placed directly in the stock pipe (currently not supported)


The project validation checks whether the attribute is supported by the selected optimizer and the installed version. It also checks that the "Default" duct in the "Already exists" attribute is set to "Yes". For "Default" ducts with the attribute "Already exists" = NO, only the value "Default" is accepted.