Creating types and classes

A wide variety of attributes can be used to better describe individual feature classes. The type or class is often used for this purpose. These attributes should be defined before the start of planning or documentation so that they can be assigned to objects immediately. These attributes are also called master data.

These attributes can also be used to control stylization in the display model.

The forms can be opened in the Industry-Model Explorer, in each case assigned to the corresponding feature class.

mceclip0.pngFor example, survey-plan feature classes

The most important types have been summarized on the NET Master Data tab and can be conveniently opened from there and records stored.


The tab is divided into the groups Administration, Survey plan, Duct, Fiber Optic Network and Telephony Network.

Administration includes the service type, the person category as well as the types for Name Schemes and the Name Scheme for attributes.

Survey plan includes, among other things, the segment type, manhole type, cabinet type and pole type.

The Duct group includes descriptions of the duct type, fitting type and duct insertion type, for example.

Fiber-optic network includes the cable type, fiber type, terminator type and closure type, tray type, connector type and splitter type.

Telephony network includes the cable type, terminator and closure type as well as the wire type.