Results in Detail

In the course of the calculation, data is created in the “Result: Feature classes”. The optimization does not change data specified by the planner, such as layer points, clusters and structures. Results are also calculated for the specified data.

Result data

The following results data is generated:

Details of the feature classes can be found in the glossary. All result data items have their own geometries, the visibility of which is controlled in the graphic via the display model.

In general, results data cannot be changed. The planner can influence the planning result by changes to the rules or control the optimization by locking “street center lines” or “possible trenches”, or by specifying clusters and layer points. If the planner wants to change "Result: Clusters“ and "Result: Layer Point” ,you must turn these records into input data. The workflows for locking are available for this.


The position of the result data of the cluster and layer point can be changed by the planner after “locking”. The “Locking” workflows generate input data from the result data. Use the corresponding workflows to do this.